Just after a 5k Fun Run

Story Teller and Illustrator:

Years ago I realized that our primary language is preverbal.  Sounds, facial expressions, body language -- those fleeting analog expressions --convey context and give meaning to our words.  They are the 90% of the iceberg supporting our verbal 10%.

So, it seems natural to use images to tell a story.  Images and sounds. 



Tutusaurus, the Storyteller

Name: Tutusaurus

All of us have primordial roots.

But I didn’t begin to guess just

how far back our roots go -- not until I was about to become a grandmother (or Tutu as we say in Hawaii).

Slowly I became aware of a dinosaur deep in the basement of my brain -- a

Tutusaurus -- ever so concerned with The Egg.  The Grandchild!  The continuation of life far beyond a particular species. 

How surprising!

I hope that you will find a few of these stories surprising or at least that they will hold your interest for 3 or 4 minutes.